What is Untouched?

Alright, there’s no standard about audio format on Internet, a lot of audio format can be found online, eg. mp3 or wma ripped from CD in different bit rate. People love about original/UNTOUCHED iTunes M4A (or we call it iTunes Plus), it’s an official format from iTunes which optimized to have best audio quality in reasonable file size. However, due to various reason, nowadays there’s a lot of recoded/TOUCHED M4A and M4V online, here is a simple guide to tell you how to identify UNTOUCHED M4A & M4V:

Right click on M4A or M4V in iTunes, select “Get Info”:

1. Kind must be “Purchased AAC audio file” for M4A, “Purchased MPEG-4 video file” for M4V, below are TOUCHED example:

2. Bit Rate must be “256 kbps” (this apply for M4A only, M4V will have various Bit Rate respectively), below are TOUCHED example:

3. Purchase by, Account Name, Purchase Date all must have complete informations, below are TOUCHED example:

4. Right click on your iTunes top column and check the “Release Date“, all UNTOUCHED M4A and M4V will have release date, below are TOUCHED example:

5. All UNTOUCHED M4A & M4V should have official “Artwork“, M4A can still get Album Artwork from iTunes store if it being deleted, but for M4V, there’s no way to get Artwork from iTunes store after it being deleted, so it’s important to keep the original Artwork.

6. Changing editable information like title, track number, comment, lyrics… is not consider as TOUCHED the M4A or M4V cause this is what iTunes allow the user to do it.

I hope this clear everyone’s doubt about what I so call UNTOUCHED items, all item link on Viz4U is UNTOUCHED, please report if you found any TOUCHED item being “accidentally” posted and I will replace/remove it immediately!

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