If your iPhone & iPod Touch is updated with latest OS firmware, you’re able to turn on/off movie subtitles. Movie MP4 for iPhone & iPod Touch version posted in Viz4U is already mux with English subtitles, you can turn on/off the subtitles based on your preference, here’s how you do it:

1. If you see the subtitle logo appearing on your player panel, it means your device can support subtitles, tap on it:

2. The subtitles screen will appear, tap on the English subtitles:

3. Now you can watch the movie in English subtitles! How cool is that!

4. If you don’t like the subtitles, can simply turn it off.

Unfortunately the MP4 mux with subtitles is not playable in iPod Classic and iPod Nano, but it should works in iPad. Besides, the subtitles also not works in iTunes.

** UPDATE (Sept 30, 2010) – All BluRay M4V are playable in all Apple device, the subtitles can be displayed on iTunes & QuickTime Player too.
** UPDATE (Oct 24, 2010) – For better video & audio quality, I has change to post MP4 uinstead, all BluRay MP4 are playable in all Apple device, but the subtitles can’t be displayed on iTunes & QuickTime Player.