It’s actually very easy to open iTunes LP in iTunes. All iTunes LP files will usually put in one folder (html, plist, itlp, sub folders etc.), do not manually copy the entire LP folder to your iTunes library (because the downloaded folder name might not be in the correct format). What you need to do is open iTunes, goto menu File > Add File to library, add the xxx – iTunes LP.itlp (xxx should be the album name) file only, iTunes will auto copy all LP related files and put it into your iTunes library by creating proper folder name. The LP folder will be placed inside the album folder in your iTunes library.

If you follow the instructions above properly, you will be able to see the iTunes LP appears in your iTunes library which you can run it from there. iTunes LP provide an interactive way on album playing, now you will be able to relax and play music from your iTunes while playing partypoker, or typing out e-mails. You will also be able to do more things and enjoy your favorite songs simultaneously.

I found out for certain operation system, iTunes will only import LP if the folder naming is follow standard, so if you found there’s [Viz4U] in the LP folder naming, please remove it first, for example, rename

The ArchAndroid – iTunes LP.itlp [Viz4U]
The ArchAndroid – iTunes LP.itlp

Then you may start to add the itlp file in iTunes.

Some iTunes LP do not have itlp file, what you need to do is add the entire folder into iTunes, and the LP file will be auto created in iTunes.

Thank you.