Genre: Pop
Released: Nov 02, 1999
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1. Heartbreaker
2. Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)
3. Bliss (Album Version)
4. How Much (Album Version)
5. After Tonight (Album Version)
6. X-Girlfriend (Album Version)
7. Heartbreaker (Remix)
8. Vulnerability (Interlude)
9. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
10. Crybaby (Album Version)
11. Did I Do That? (Album Version)
12. Petals (Album Version)
13. Rainbow (Interlude)
14. Thank God I Found You (Album Version)
“Respect. The most coveted word in all of show business, it is also the hardest position to achieve. On “Rainbow”, Mariah Carey’s 9th studio release, the singer may be earning just that. Cover art aside, “Rainbow” pushes to display Carey as a newly freed individual, both in musical content and artistic style. “Rainbow” has arguably found its footing in R & B and Pop more clearly than her past albums(note:”Butterfly”)have. She has finally hit a stable stride, capturing the attention of of both the Adult-Contemporary world as well as Hip Hop audiences alike. The intelligent pairing of Carey and Jay-Z on “HeartBreaker” gives the buouyant song an urban boost; on the flip side, her remake of Phil Collin’s mid-80’s power ballad hit “Against All Odds” will more than likely strengthen her already tight grip on the Pop world. Of course, the album has its moments, on tracks like “Bliss”(where her vocals sound strangely reminiscent of a broken whistle), or “X-Girlfriend”, a song which could easily be interchangeable with any cut offered by younger ingenues like Brandy. Still, it’s on gospel-infused tracks like “Thank God I Found You” with 98 Degrees and Joe on which Carey excels the most, and where the proverbial “pot-of-gold” at the end of this “Rainbow” can be found. There’s a lot to like here, and this is definitely an album worth giving a listen to.” ~ By Dannielle Tinder (1999)


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  1. Piero Says:

    Thanks!! Like it

  2. bluemallows Says:

    thank you so so much for mariah’s albums 😀 hope theres more to come 😀

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