Genre: Alternative
Released: Sep 27, 2002
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The Young And The Hopeless
1. A New Beginning
2. The Anthem
3. Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous
4. Wondering
5. The Story Of My Old Man
6. Girls & Boys
7. My Bloody Valentine
8. Hold On
9. Riot Girl
10. Say Anything
11. The Day That I Die
12. The Young & The Hopeless
13. Emotionless
14. Movin’ On
“I have to say i have loved gc since they have came out in 1999 . They are the most loving PUNK ROCK BAND in the world and there lyrics come frome the heart and they love there fans . They have helped me and other fans through hard times in life and they have gave fans hope and beleif in themselfs and tell them to hold on when they feel like letting go . They helped and are helping me get through every dumb school day .they are the best band in the world and i love there music and them with all my heart. There are not enough words to describe how much they mean to me and other fans .” ~ By Maria (2003)


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