Genre: Rock
Released: Nov 15, 1999
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The Chronicles Of Life And Death (Life Version)
1. Once Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death
2. The Chronicles Of Life And Death
3. Walk Away (Maybe)
4. S.O.S.
5. I Just Wanna Live
6. Ghost Of You
7. Predictable
8. Secrets
9. The Truth
10. The World Is Black
11. Mountain
12. We Believe
13. It Wasn’t Enough
14. In This World (Murder)
15. Falling Away (Extended Version)
16. Wounded
“This was my first Good Charlotte album and I think they are really talented! Yes, yes, I know, I have read many times on several web sites that GC fans are disappointed that the band didn’t put out an album so similar to their previous ones; but they have the right to experiment and try to spread their wings, too.
I don’t know; maybe this is better suited for the older guys like myself (I’m in my forties). I know; punk is great and I want to hear Good Charlotte do some of that on their other CDs after being turned onto the band with this CD. Yet give the band a chance to try other types of songs and if they really fall down they’ll go back to what they were doing before–there’s hope, long time Good Charlotte fans!
The CD opens with an eerie sounding instrumental track and then goes into “The Chronicles Of Life And Death,” a very good song about the life cycle we all experience. The songs on the CD have a strong, self-confident feeling to them that isn’t cocky, either. The group has a great song about angst in “In This World (Murder).” The ending of the CD actually depends on which version you buy–there are two versions, the “Life Art” version and the “Death Art” version. Be sure to wait a few minutes for the last song on the CD; it doesn’t come right away (at least not on the “Life Art” version).
The liner notes include the lyrics–a definite plus! There are drawings by Billy Martin that actually aren’t so bad.
If you’re a fan who just HAS to have Good Charlotte doing the type of music they have been doing, then you do need to skip this CD. However, if you want to see them try their hand at other types of music, at least for a while, then try this CD! I also recommend it highly for older rock fans–even as old as I am! GRIN
Will this be a call to the band to go back to their original style? Will they keep on trying new things? Whatever, they are obviously really talented and I want them to ROCK ON!”
~ By Matthew G. Sherwin (2004)


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