Genre: Alternative
Released: Apr 09, 2000
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Good Charlotte
1. Little Things
2. Waldorfworldwide
3. The Motivation Proclamation
4. East Coast Anthem
5. Festival Song
6. Complicated
7. Seasons
8. I Don’t Wanna Stop
9. I Heard You
10. The Click.
11. Walk By
12. Let Me Go
13. Screamer
14. Change
15. Thank You Mom
“First of all, I just started liking this type of music. I never listened to a punk/rock group no more than 2 months ago. At First I heard Good Charlotte’s new cd (The Young and the Hopeless), and it really didn’t click with me. But then my brother kept playing it and I fell in love with “Lifestyles of the rich and the famous”. So i went out and bought that cd. And after that I heard they had a self-titled cd. I listened to my brothers copy, and the next day, I was out buying a copy for my own collection. The songs are extraordinarily written. Especially “Little Things”, “Seasons”, and “Thank You Mom”. Good Charlotte really knows how to write powerful and touching lyrics. They could write an amazing sad and meaningful song, and then go and do a fun, upbeat happy song. Good Charlotte is excellent, and even though I just started listen to punk/rock, they are by far the best group I’ve heard. Go out and buy this cd, don’t burn it, that’s cheap. Give them a chance, you will love it.” ~ By goodcharlotte2003 (2003)


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